Tape Change

Iron Mountain drivers are able to undertake tape changes onsite at your premises, or at their offsite co-location environments or data centres. This eliminates the reliance on your staff being available at all times and allows your employees to utilise their time more productively.

By using Iron Mountain’s tape changing service, customers benefit through:

  • Accuracy and reliability: A dedicated and trained resource (Iron Mountain employee) undertakes your tape change at a specified time, on specified days, as per your requirements.
  • Cost saving: Utilising Iron Mountain trained employees for your tape changing needs frees your employees for more important tasks.
  • Reduced hassle: By allowing Iron Mountain to provide end to end control of your data your organisation can allocate its resources to other tasks.

Customers are also able to benefit from the use of Iron Mountain’s tape change services on a short-term, or as required basis when unexpected events occur. To schedule a short-term or as required tape change service, please contact us.