Vault Construction

At Iron Mountain we understand that your data spends a significant portion of its life inside our vaults, and accordingly our storage facilities are equipped in a manner which both maximises security, and maintains optimal environmental conditions. These pristine conditions ensure data stored within our vaults experiences the longest lifespan possible.

Iron Mountain vaults provide the greatest protection for your business’s data through:

  • The use of physically hardened outer walls which maintain maximum structural integrity through the use of a 20 cm reinforced concrete double brick exterior, creating a 2-4 hour fire-resistant barrier.
  • State of the art video surveillance systems, to ensure suspicious activities can be closely monitored.
  • Back to base alarm systems with multipath monitoring
  • Monitored biometric control systems set to FBI Standards, with all critical hardware servers protected by UPS.
  • VESDA smoke detection units, FM 200 fire suppression, and fire extinguishers to AS 2444 and AS 2851.1, to quickly detect and extinguish any fire hazard if the need arises.
  • Stored tapes located within individual slots (as per AS3636.4) in computer tape media racking to ensure efficient organisation of data.
  • In addition our vaults adhere to Approved Public Record Office Storage Supplier (APROSS) requirements for Victorian Government Departments.