Tape Storage Racking


Iron Mountain utilises Gemtrac racks for all of our tape storage.Gemtrac racks are used by professional data storage companies and major data centres around the world. Gemtrac racks are constructed with heavy-duty commercial grade steel, each consisting of two self-contained opposing cabinets linked by overhead tracks, engineered to safely suspend heavy loads.

Gemtrac also boosts productivity by condensing our library into a more compact area, reducing the vault staff’s travel time for disaster recovery and urgent tape retrievals.

Tapes located within Gemtrac racks are stored in individual slots, allowing each cartridge to be safely housed, neatly organised and protected from dust and light.

Individual tape slot storage is a requirement of AS3636.4, in order to prevent unnecessary damage to your valuable data. In addition, our automated media management system, has been specifically programmed to support the Gemtrac design, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and most importantly, a minimisation of human error.

Key Benefits

  • Storage as per AS 3636.4
  • Racking and barcode scanning process that ensures accuracy
  • Tapes are stored so that tapes are neatly organised
  • Tapes are protected from dust and light
  • Compact Gemtrac design resulting in timely picking of tapes for urgent deliveries and DR events