Environmental Conditions

Data tapes require optimum environmental conditions to prevent them from becoming damaged, worn, or unreadable. Accordingly Iron Mountain have invested in state of the art “computer room” air conditioning systems.

Unlike many of our competitors who use residential split systems, Iron Mountain air conditioners are purpose-built for the requirements of tape storage, ensuring the longest possible life cycle for your critical data. In addition, sticky floor mats have been installed to ensure that vaults remain dust and contaminant free, ensuring that data tapes stored within our facility remain in pristine condition.

As a further measure designed to maintain optimal conditions within our vaults, environmental monitoring systems have been installed, to track temperature within the vault 24 hours a day. This allows us to ensure data is always stored within a 17-23 degree 40-50 % humidity zone. If conditions within the vault were to exceed these optimal levels an alert is sent to support staff.