Iron Mountain Operations Manual

Tapes and Barcodes


Iron Mountain’s portfolio includes: tape sales, tape changing by Iron Mountain staff and barcode printing.

Tape Sales

We supply tapes from all the major backup media manufacturers at competitive prices. Our range of brands include: Sony, Imation, TDK, HP and IBM. In addition, we offer free delivery to Iron Mountain customers when tapes are delivered on a scheduled run. Please contact us for a competitive price and quick delivery of your backup media.

The models of data tape we sell within our catalogue include: DDS, DLT, SDLT, 3590, 3592, 9840, LTO and AIT.


We do not sell grey imports. All products sold by Iron Mountain are sourced from Australia and come with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Iron Mountain Barcodes

Iron Mountain is able to print any barcode and deliver within 3 days. We provide pre-printed (colour or black and white) labels for:

  • Any type of barcode label, to suit any type of drive or library
  • Any quantity
  • Any specification (colour palette, prefix/suffix letters, fixed or positional colours, font size, style)
  • Any sequence (serial or ad-hoc).

Common barcodes include:

LTO LTO DLT 8 mm 3480