Secure Tape Transportation

Iron Mountain strives to provide consistent, professional, secure and efficient transportation for all media movements.

Our “best practice” approach extends to our transportation vans.

  • Iron Mountain use commercial vehicles which are robust in construction and designed to carry the additional cargo bay (refrigerated) air conditioning unit, which is in place to ensure our customers tapes are transported in the optimum environmental condition.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed in both the driver and cargo areas of each van.
  • Iron Mountain drivers are all annually police checked employees.
  • Vans are un marked.

We have an efficient transportation logistics chain utilising:

  • New unmarked climate controlled vans.
  • Vans physically secured by key locks.
  • Climate controlled air conditioned chambers.
  • Cargo areas within vans are separately insulated.
  • Drivers are equipped with company-supplied mobile phones.
  • Fire extinguishers in front and rear cargo chambers in transportation vehicles.
  • Anti-static straps in our transportation vehicles.
  • Iron Mountain owned and maintained vehicle fleet.