Offsite Data Storage

Information is a corporate asset, and protecting it is essential in today’s business environment. Offsite data storage protects these corporate assets by keeping media and DR files in a separate secure location, where they are easily and quickly retrievable when that inevitable system failure occurs.

Offsite data storage mitigates risk from incidents and disasters – from the local power outage that knocks out the database server, to the sprinkler system drenching the office, to fire destroying or damaging a building next door, to the true disasters of earthquakes, cyclones, floods, or terrorist attacks.

The value of the corporate information asset is real for all businesses; information stored on computers and within DR files is equally crucial. Iron Mountain provides affordable, quality offsite data services for all companies, irrespective of size.



Iron Mountain understands that the most vital consideration involved within any successful backup data operation is risk mitigation. With this essential criterion in mind, both vault design and location have been established in a manner which minimises …

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Secure Tape Transportation

Iron Mountain strives to always provide professional, secure and efficient transportation for media. Our “best practice” approach to everything we do ensures your data is received at our storage facilities and returned to you safely, efficiently and on time.

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Tape Management Portal

Iron Mountain utilises media management software designed to facilitate data centre, media vault and cycling processes to enable the effective tracking and auditability of all removable media.