Disaster Recovery Services

When a disaster occurs, every minute counts and the pressure is on to have the outage resolved immediately.


With Iron Mountain offsite storage, precious time is saved. With a quick call to Iron Mountain the correct backup tapes are there within the hour. Your IT staff are able to quickly restore data onto the server and the outage time is reduced, saving money and reducing pressure on staff.

Computer system malfunctions may not happen very often but when they do they can cost a company thousands of dollars in customer disruptions, lost time, and credibility. Outages can be caused by multiple factors, Iron Mountain has a track record of being there on time, every time due to the comprehensive systems and applications in place to deliver.

What are the benifits of Iron Mountain’s disaster recovery process?

  • Iron Mountain inputs your disaster recovery point of contact address into our software, ensuring that in the event of a disaster confidential information is only delivered to a designated point of authority.
  • Iron Mountain provides urgent delivery service within an hour of first contact.
  • Iron Mountain’s vaults are centrally located to all of our disaster recovery delivery points to allow for fast and efficient delivery.