About Us

Iron Mountain is the trusted global leader in information management. Our local, national expertise has reaped dividends for Australian organisations, large and small. We know what’s efficient, what works best and what keeps your costs down.

We draw on our global expertise to provide you with a secure and cost efficient service, assisting you to meet industry and local legal compliance requirements. Our local team will work with you to deliver a service best suited to your organisation’s information needs.

Keeping data secure and accessible is a key strategic requirement for any business today. Losing crucial information for extended periods of time can bring a business to its knees and have the Information Technology department being asked the hard questions.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Iron Mountain takes the pain out of urgent information retrieval, especially on occasions such as when information has been irretrievably lost, information is needed to be accessed offsite, or when outages require entire groups of workers to rely on system back-up tapes.

Utilising our team of experts and a unique bar-code tape tracking system, Iron Mountain can have your data at your office within an hour so you can bring your business back online fast. The barcode system allows the IT department select the required tapes and TMS takes care of the rest. The management system makes the difference; and allows you to have the information you need, when you need it.

Service Highlights:

  • Central locations allow guaranteed 60 minute emergency deliveries.
  • Barcode tracking software enables automated cycling of media.
  • Local Australian customer service support.
  • Media storage vaults adhere to AS 3636.4 to ensure safe and secure housing of corporate data.
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that the exact location of all media at any time is known within the tape tracking system, with all media clearly identified with your unique barcode label.
  • Globally tried and tested best practice processes.

IT experience from tracking tapes to advice regarding mainframe, midrange tape management software, software integration, tape media conversions, tape and disk hardware solutions and DR consulting.